• Nanjing Olympic Stadium MORE→
    Nanjing Youth Olympic Games main venue
  • Zhuhai Changlong Hotel MORE→
    Zhuhai Changlong Hotel
  • Yinchuan Art Museum MORE→
    Yinchuan Art Museum
  • International Culture and Arts Center MORE→
    Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Center
  • Jiujiang Culture and Arts Center MORE→
    Jiujiang Culture and Art Center

Jiangxi Yinshan White Cement Co。ltd is the largest modern white cement manufacturer in China, specialized in producing high whiteness, high strength and good stability white cements。 At present, the company is equipped with two modern new dry production lines with capacity of 2000 tons and 500 tons clinker per day, can producing 800,000 tons of white cement yearly。

  • 10 / 2017-08 Waterproof work, never sloppy Waterproof work, never sloppyThe container is packed with a good filmNo matter how late we are therecover with a good fi。。。 MORE→
  • 10 / 2017-08 July 8-11, 2015 Guangzhou Fair Dear friendsWelcome to the 7th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair。Here, we sincerely invite you to。。。 MORE→
  • 10 / 2017-08 Invite you to participate in t Silver cedar cement stand:The white cement will join many excellent customers and show the products of white cement in d。。。 MORE→
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